Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Purple for 2010'

2010 - What colour would you prefer for a wedding?

Purple - 43%

Pink - 23%

Blue - 18%

Orange - 16%

Purple has always been the color of royalty! It has been chosen as the colour of 2010 by 43% voters. Let’s take a look of some ideas that you may imply for your dream wedding. Theme of Que Rafael is so proud to share the ideas and yet to ensure that you look great on your big day! Let's take a look at some great inspirations of purple!The cover

Hand bouquet

Elegant centerpiece


4-tier cake

Purple frame for bride's room

Invitation card


Sugar box

Table decor

RSVP card

Wrist cosage

Happy moment in purple


  1. dark purple ni sgt niceee~ mcm wild orchid..kalo la aku blh kawen byk kali...hihihihi

  2. Nabilah : yeayy1 boleh buat utk anniversary nanti...

  3. ooowh i love this colourrrrrrrr =)))

  4. Abby : i want orange for the next client... hahaha! anybody?

  5. very nice n i like it so much!!!!!

  6. OMG YES...! i have found it..! u mmg tepat.. purple is d next thing for wedding.. n kebetulan im planning to have a dark royal purple theme wedding... mmg exclusive sgt2..! i can show dis to my bf.. he'll definitely love it..!! :D