Saturday, January 23, 2010

It begins..

Adam, Nolly & Que
Pic by Duku


Thanks for visiting ‘Theme of Que Rafael’. Here we are – Adam, Nolly and Que, immensely proud and grateful. We have the pleasure in planning and providing you with the professional solution that every couple needs in planning their day. Based in Shah Alam and specializing in the design and decoration of the wedding dais or known as the pelamin in Malay, we understand that you want designs that are imaginative, even unusual at times. It will be a joyous moment when you take each other to be husband and wife.

To our future clients, do not hesitate to inquire any questions regarding your dream wedding or event. We would prefer to design your wedding or event with a theme as a benchmark to ensure that the remarkable moment will be remembered with accents of beauty, style and unique. So, stop scratching your head and just contact us for appointment to create the wedding that you have always wanted.


  1. Bro,
    Good job!!!
    Keep up good work yaa...
    Akak doakan Q berjaya...

  2. you guys nyer pelamins mmg meletopz! semua cantik2! so proud of all of y'all punyer brilliant, fresh ideas! keep it up! :)
    from : elleen mariana (elle)